Perry Monroe Shoemaker (1906-1999) was one of the most important eastern railroad executives from the 1940s through the late 1960s. He was respected in the industry for his principled opposition to Federal and state regulation of railroads.

Shoemaker was born on July 15, 1906 in Elmira, New York, the son of J. Raymond and Mabel Perry Shoemaker. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1928. He received an M.S. in Transportation from Yale University in 1929. Shoemaker married his first wife, Emily Hane in 1929. They had four children, Linda, Kent, Karen and Craig. She passed away in 1964. Shoemaker married Vivien Bulloch Keatley in 1965. In 1973, a year after Keatley's death, Shoemaker married Iva Brown Cocoran.

Throughout his life Shoemaker was involved in a variety of endeavors outside of the railroad industry. He served as a trustee of Elmira College, a small liberal arts college located in Elmira, NY. At various times he served as director and chairmen of the audit committee of Nabisco, Inc., as a member and president of the New York State Chamber of Commerce and as a member of the Port Development Committee of the City of New York. Between 1954 and 1965 he was a notable member of former President Herbert Hoover's Second Commission on Efficiency in Government. In 1954 and 1955 he served as chairman of that organization's Committee on Government Defense Procurement Recommendations.

Shoemaker began his railroad career in 1926 as a summer track laborer for the Pennsylvania Railroad. After graduation from college he went to work for the Erie Railroad. He was promoted regularly, attaining the position of general yardmaster by 1932. Later that year, Shoemaker left the Erie for a position in his family's Elmira, NY cold storage business. He returned to railroading in 1934 as a superintendent for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad hired Shoemaker in 1941 as a superintendent. He was promoted quickly to General Superintendent, then General Manager, then to vice-president of Operations. His rapid advancement was crowned by appointment to the presidency in 1952. Coincidently, he replaced William H. White, who left to accept the presidency of New York Central System and later, in 1954, the presidency of the Delaware and Hudson Railway. White would eventually lead the Erie Lackawanna from September 1963 until his untimely death of a heart attack in April 1967. As the chief executive officer of the DL&W Shoemaker supervised the delicate negotiations leading to the October 1960 merger with the Erie Railroad.

Shoemaker was elected vice-chairman of the new Erie Lackawanna Railroad, with the expectation that he would be appointed president within a few months. However, when Harry Von Willer, the railroad's first president, resigned in November 1960, the board passed over Shoemaker in favor of a former Erie executive, Milton G. McInnes. In August 1961 Shoemaker was appointed chairmen of the board. He interpreted this action as part of an effort to minimize his authority in the company. He realized that his influence within the company was declining quickly and he began to investigate other opportunities.

In November of 1962 he accepted an offer to serve as president and chairmen of the board of the ailing Central Railroad of New Jersey. Despite his manifest skills he was unable to save the company. Shoemaker resigned in 1968, having served as bankruptcy trustee after 1967. He attributed his failure in part to New Jersey's exorbitant railroad taxes. A more significant factor was the New Jersey Public Utility Commission's refusal to either approve fare increases sufficient to cover commuter train operating costs or allow the abandonment of the chronically deficit ridden commuter services. Finally, the Governor's personal antipathies toward Shoemaker and the State's adamant refusal to fully subsidize commuter operations once it began to provide some funding, merely postponed the company's final bankruptcy. The company was never reorganized successfully as a railroad and its rail assets went into Conrail, as did those of the Erie Lackawanna, Penn Central, Reading, Lehigh Valley, Lehigh and Hudson River and Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines on April 1, 1976.

After leaving the CNJ Shoemaker worked as a highly sought-after transportation consultant. He retired for good in 1980. In retirement in Tampa, Florida he was involved in community activities and continued his lifelong avocation of railroad history. In particular he was active in efforts to return the sole extant DL&W steam locomotive, Camelback No. 952, to the Northeastern United States from the National Transportation Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. Shoemaker passed away after a short illness on December 25, 1999 at age 93. He is buried in his hometown of Elmira, NY.

Scope and Content Note

The Perry M. Shoemaker Collection (PMSC) is a separate yet constituent part of the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society (ELHS) collection. The PMSC consists of material donated to the ELHS by Mr. Shoemaker in 1992. He collected the 5.83 linear feet of material during his years as a railroad executive. The PMSC contains material from Shoemaker's years at the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, Erie Lackawanna and the Central Railroad of New Jersey.

The PMSC is of significant interest to those researching industry leaders during the 1950s and 1960s, railroads in Northeastern United States after World War II, the EL merger, Federal and state regulation of the railroad industry, the 1967 bankruptcy of the CNJ and the relationship between the state of New Jersey and the railroad industry.

The PMSC is Series A, Sub-series 1 of the ELHS collection. The material is grouped into six units in a total of four boxes with 180 folders.

Unit 1: Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (1952 - 1960) in 37 folders contains board minutes, financial information, inspection trip booklets, photographs, policy statements, speech-books, transcripts of testimony before regulatory boards, working notes and papers and other miscellaneous materials.

Unit 2: Two-Way and Three-Way Merger Materials(1954 - 1960) comprises 19 folders of correspondence, labor and operations information, maps, merger reports, Wyer, Dick and Co. merger studies and various working papers.

Unit 3: Erie Lackawanna Railway (1960 - 1962) totals 6 folders including financial information, management by-laws, maps and yard operation proposals.

Unit 4: Central Railroad of New Jersey (1962 - 1968) consists of 69 folders that contain Bankruptcy papers and notes, correspondence, financial information, maps, photographs, public affairs information, a speech-book and other miscellaneous papers.

Unit 5: Railroad History is comprised of 12 folders of books, correspondence, historical articles and miscellaneous information on a variety of historical railroad topics.

Unit 6: Annual Reports (1939 - 1967) is made up of 37 folders of annual reports from the DL&W, Erie, EL and CNJ. Many contain margin notes and additional information by Shoemaker. Duplicates of the DL&W, Erie and EL annual reports may be found in series D, sub-series 1, units 1-3.


CNJ Central Railroad Company of New Jersey
CRR of NJ Central Railroad Company of New Jersey
DH Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company
DLW Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad (also DL&W)
EL Erie Lackawanna Railroad/Railway Company
ELHS Erie Lackawanna Historical Society
Erie Erie Railroad
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
LS Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad
LNE Lehigh and New England Railroad Company
NW Norfolk and Western Railroad Company
NJPUC New Jersey Public Utilities Commission
NYNHH New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company
PLE Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company
PMS Perry Monroe Shoemaker
PMSC Perry Monroe Shoemaker Collection
RR Railroad

Further Manuscript Resources

Papers relating to Perry Shoemaker's family, in particular his father J. Raymond Shoemaker can be found in the collection of the Chemung County Historical Society archives located in the Chemung Valley History Museum, 415 East Water Street Elmira, NY 14901. Phone: 607.734.4167.

Papers relating to the later history of the Erie Lackawanna Railway can be found in the Erie Lackawanna Railway Corporate collection at the University of Akron Archival Services.

Papers, mostly financial and executive in nature, relating to the nineteenth century and early twentieth century history of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad are housed at Syracuse University.

Papers relating to Shoemaker's work on the Hoover Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of Government can be found in the Special Collections at the University of Oregon, Knight Library, NUCMC number MS 72-560

Other Resources

Bryant, Keith L., ed. Railroads in the Age of Regulation, 1900-1980.  New York: Facts-on-File, 1988. See entries for Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, Erie Railroad and Perry M. Shoemaker.

Grant, H. Roger, Erie Lackawanna: Death of an American Railroad, 1938-1992. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1994.

Sweetland, David R. Lackawanna Railroad: in Color. Edison, NJ: Morning Sun Books, 1990.

Tabor, Thomas Townsend,  The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the Nineteenth Century: 1828-1899. Muncy, PA: Privately Printed, 1977.

Tabor, Thomas Townsend and Thomas Townsend Taber III. The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the Twentieth Century, 1889-1960: Equipment and Marine. Muncy, PA: Privately Printed, 1981.

-----------The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad in the Twentieth Century, 1889-1960: History and Operations. Muncy, PA: Privately Printed, 1980.

Perry Monroe Shoemaker Collection - Box Inventor

Box#  Folder#  Description  Date  End Date 
a-1  1  Doggerel verses on Phoebe Snow     
  2  PMS profiles or articles on TV (photographic transcriptions) or newspapers (clippings)     
  3  Maps, System profile map 1927  9270000   
  4  Maps, Hoboken, NJ yards, 1930  9300000   
  5  Maps, DLW system profile map from PMS folder 15 revised 11/48  9481100   
  6  Maps, P.A. of NY NJ port district for trucking commercial free zones and hand marked to indicate trailer limits     
  7  Maps, DLW system routes, from PMS folder 17     
  8  Maps, General Location of New York Harbor Freight Terminals, produced by PRR, 1918  9180000   
  9  Maps, New York Central system, 1925  9250000   
  10  Photographs, four (4) marked #'s 14-16 Harlem Ave. looking west into East Buffalo yard dated 2/9/1945  9450209   
  11  Photographs, Series of 15, East Buffalo yard taken 12/22/1945  9451222   
  12  Photographs, series of six (6) near Richfield Junction, NY, dated 3/11/1947  9470311   
  13  Photographs, photo booklet produced by Bethlehem Steel on occasion of launch of a DLW barge (1950)  9500000   
  14  Photographs, studio portrait of PMS on election to DLW presidency     
  15  Photographs, four (4) miscellaneous     
  16  Speechbook no. 1 speeches 1-10 1952-1957  9521021  9550215 
  17  Speechbook no. 1 speeches 11-20 1955 - 1956  9550502  9560308 
  18  Speechbook no. 1 speeches 21-33 1956 - 1957  9560508  9570522 
  19  Speechbook no. 2 speeches 34-46 1957-1958 (LB)  9570507  9580205 
  20  Speechbook no. 2 speeches 47 - 62  9580224  9581118 
  21  Speechbook no. 2 speeches 63 - 74  9581208  9590428 
  22  Speechbook no. 3 speeches 75 - 93  9590216  9600913 
  23  New Jersey Commutation case, transcript of PMS testimony before NJPUC and ICC on 10/23/1951  9511023   
  24  New Jersey Commutation case, New Jersey taxes, Pension plan, Speeches, pamphlets, press releases on  9530512  9590601 
  25  PMS Folder 12 transcript of Pres. Wm. White's testimony before the ICC 5/17/1951  9510517   
  26  PMS folder 12 policy statements 1950's     
  27  PMS copy of Board of Managers inspection trip booklet, with itinerary, 10/26-27/1944  9441026  9441027 
  28  Compilation of resolutions and by-law changes 12/22/1941 to 1/26/1960 mostly concerning the board of directors and salary/compensation issues  9411222  9600126 
  29  Organizational chart 7/1/1948  9480701   
  30 4/1960 list of DL&W officers, titles, salaries and DOB 9600400  
  31 Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting with attached statistics (LB), includes copy of 1959 AR 7/28/60 9600728  
  32 List of terms of service of DLW Presidents and Purchasing Agents    
  33 Chart of separation of revenues. Expenses frt. And pass. Service 1939-1955, and funded debt and equipment obligations publicly held 1940-1955 9390000 9550000 
  34 Assorted financial details and statistics    
  35 Summary of equipment on 1/1/1960    
  36 Testimonial from Atlantic States Shipper's Advisory Board on PMS's election to Chairmanship of its railroad contract committee 9600101  
Box#  Folder#  Description  Date  End Date 
a-1  37  Wyer, Dick and Co., Initial evaluation report for 3-way merger dated 4/2/1957  9570402   
  38  Wyer, Dick and Co. maps. Charts, index report on 2-way and 3-way mergers. Index dated 8/6/1959 --handwritten annotations  9590816   
  39  Wyer, Dick and Co. Report on Economics of [E-L] merger 1/2 dated 8/6/1959  9590806   
  41  Wyer, Dick and Co. Supplemental merger report     
  41  Wyer, Dick and Co., report on economics of [E-L], 2/2 Maps/charts.     
  42  Wyer, Dick and Co. proposed management organizational charts for the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad     
  43  PMS folder 3 ICC documents re: EL merger     
  44  ICC documents concerning the 2-way merger application     
  45  PMS folder 4 material re: sub-agreements (salary, labor protection) for EL merger     
  46  PMS folder 5 worker papers re: negotiations on management organization of proposed EL merger     
  47  PMS folder 5 working papers re: EL pension/retirement plan for employees     
  48  PMS folder 6 EL by-laws     
  49  PMS folder 7 negotiations on merger details     
  50  PMS Folder 8 report to PMS from DLW accounting department benefit analysis of 3-way merger     
  51  Comparative Analysis of Management staff of Eastern railroads     
  52  Comparison practices concerning speeds and superelevations between the DLW and Erie     
  53  Maps, Chicago switching district showing all team tracks and freight houses open to the Erie dated 7/1/1924  9240701   
  54  Notice of Stockholder meeting-proxy statement-merger agreement, DLW 9/22/1959  9590922   
  55  Notice of Stockholder's meeting-proxy statement-merger agreement, Erie, 9/22/1959  9590922   
Box#  Folder#  Description  Date  End Date 
a-2  56  Maps, System 12/20/1960  9601220   
  57  Management by-laws dated 9/22/1961  9610922   
  58  Speechbook no. 3 speeches 93 - 98 (several missing)  9601018  9611206 
  59  Bison Yard proposal Terminal management system. EL-NW negotiations over operations at Bison Yard, Buffalo, NY     
  60  Selected Expenses by account dated 7/1/1963 includes labor costs, train miles cost and locomotive hours cost  9630701   
  61  Proposal, The PLE Acquisition of Former Erie Lackawanna Properties Creston, Ohio to Croxton Yard, New Jersey, 3/1982  9820300   
Box#  Folder#  Description  Date  End Date 
a-2  62  "CNJ Coupler" magazine with corrections sheet attached, 6/1975  9750600   
  63  Timetable, CNJ, WN, MHMR, no. 1  9721029   
  64  ETT, NYLB no. 370  9721029   
  65  Maps, Jersey Central Lines, System and Connecting lines, with PMS annotations 1/1966  9660100   
  66  Maps, CNJ, General Plan of Industrial Development in Elizabethport, Jersey City, NJ 9/66  9660914   
  67  Maps, City of Jersey City, NJ, Office of the Mayor/Division of Planning, Jersey City, NJ 1963  9630000   
  68  Maps, CNJ, Elizabeth-Central District, Elizabeth, NJ  9610620  9650318 
  69  Maps, PRR and connections, with later hand coloring, by PMS  0   
  70  Maps, Reading System, 1961  9610000   
  71  Maps, East Jersey Railroad and Terminal Co., ROW and Track map  9590630   
  72  Maps, Showing Railroads and Collieries in Wyoming Valley Coal Fields of Pennsylvania, CNJ  0   
  73  Maps, Detail of Northeastern United States, with CNJ, RDG, BO, WM noted in color  0   
  74  Maps, CNJ, Central Division, Jersey City Terminal, General Plan of Yard and Waterfront, Jersey City, NJ  9650317  9661220 
  75  Photographs, of new and old Hometown Bridge, NYI     
  76  Speechbook no. 3 speeches 99-109 (LB)  9621011  9640421 
  77  Speechbook no. 3 speeches 110 - 114  9640506  9650317 
  78  Speechbook no. 4 speeches 115-123  9650419  9661205 
  79  Speechbook no. 4 speeches 124 - 126  9670306  9670607 
  80 Transcripts of proceedings of Annual Stockholder's meetings 1963 9630000
81 Transcripts of proceedings of Annual Stockholder's meetings 1964 9640000
82 Transcripts of proceedings of Annual Stockholder's meetings 1965 9650000
83 Transcripts of proceedings of Annual Stockholder's meetings 1966 9660000
84 Draft of (PMS) president's message to Stockholders for 1965 AR drafted 2/15/1966 9660215
85 Federal Board of Arbitration, Railroads v. Operating Brotherhoods 1963, involving Diesel Firemen and Crew-Consist issues, PMS Testimony, 1963 9630000
86 Federal Board of Arbitration, Railroads v. Operating Brotherhoods 1963: press releases, newspaper clippings, congressional record clippings, 1963 9630000
87 Organization Chart, CNJ management 9620801 9670103
88 Board of Directors Road Inspection information packet, includes index-detailed information on 9640526 9640527
railroad-industrial development, annual reports and financial information, May 26-27, 1964
89 Materials (correspondence, appraisals and maps) for sale of CNJ land for industrial development
90 Report of Wyer, Dick and Co. Transportation consultants re: Aldene Plan contracts between the CNJ, PRR, LV 1/16/1968 9680116
91 CNJ By-Laws 3/28/1962 9620328
92 Notes. Letters, newspaper clippings re: PMS personal file for BOD/T meetings
93 Correspondence: PMS contributions to political campaigns
94 Proposal to pool stenography staff with Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
95 pamphlet "The Jersey Central Situation" published by New Jersey Department of Transportation, 12/29/1975 9751229
96 Plan of Modification of C.R.R. of NJ, dated 7/1/1948 financial plan for resolution of bankruptcy 9480701
97 CNJ Sixth supplemental mortgage 7/1/49 9490701
98 Financial statistics and figures, up to 1965 9650000
99 ICC loan guarantee to CNJ 1965 9650000
100 Subsidiary and jointly-owned companies-synopsis of each company-debts, stock ownership all with PMS marginalia c. 1965 9650000
101 Bankruptcy, Personal and executive files (1 of 2), 1967 9670000
102 Bankruptcy, Personal and executive files (2 of 2), 1967 9670000
a-3 103 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 1, Immediate problems - cash, Unpaid Items as of April 12, 1967 9670000
104 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 2, Bankruptcy Petition and [Federal] Court Order No. 1, 1967 9670000
105 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 3, Selected Statistics 1950-1966 9670000
106 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 3, Historical Highlights of the CNJ, Aspects of CNJ Management History 9670000
107 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 4, List of Stockholders, bondholders, By-Laws 9670000
108 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 5, General Mortgage, Summary, obligations, bills due, summary of restrictions 9670000
109 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 6, Merger situation and CNJ position, Relations between PRR and CNJ 9670000
110 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 7, Past, Present, Prospective Financial Situation as basis for further considering relationship with NJ, letter 9660915, 9670000
111 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 7, Passengers, number carried, Aldene plan background, NYLB agreement summary 9670000
112 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 7, State of NJ Passenger contracts, NJ transportation act of 1966 9670000
113 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 8, Official Payroll, Sale of assets, retirement of debt and equipment obligations, equip. summary, bad order 9670000
114 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 9, Lehigh and Susquehanna summary 9670000
115 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 10, Lehigh Valley Coordination 9670000
116 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 11, Subsidiary Companies and Directors 9670000
117 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 12, Leases and Property Sales, summary of Property, schedule of insurance coverage 9670000
118 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 12, Maps, system, Jersey City yards and waterfront, Jersey City state assessment tracts, Elizabethport, NY harbor terminal 9670000
119 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 13, Fifty largest shippers, Car interchanged, freight commodity statistics, 1966 9670000
120 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 14, Labor contract, unions and employees covered 9670000
121 Bankruptcy: PMS workbook tab 15, Index 9670000
122 Bankruptcy, PMS appointment as bankruptcy trustee, material includes: court papers, trustee bond application, ICC documents 9670000
123 Bankruptcy, PMS as trustee's reorganization plan - notes, 1967 9670000
124 Bankruptcy, Correspondence, Notes, Newspaper clipping re: CNJ corporate relations with state of New Jersey 1967 9670000
125 Bankruptcy, Financial statistics and figures, assets and liabilities as of 12/31/68 9690414
126 Lehigh and New England Railway 1968 income balance sheet 9680000
127 Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad from Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, materials relating to renegotiations of lease (mid 1960s)
128 Summary of Equipment- statistics
129 Motive Power Reports
130 PMS misc. papers
Box# Folder# Description Date End Date
a-3 131 Book: Warren Crater, New Jersey Central Album
132 Book, John T. Cunningham "Newark"
133 articles/books re: DLW and EL - history
134 Pamphlet published by DLW RR "Lackawanna Railroad Ten Years 1941-1950" (2 copies)
135 Article, Graham T. Wilson, "The Hoboken Ferries", "The Hoboken Ferries (Conclusion)"
136 Article, Edward Gardner, "An Early Lackawanna Scrapbook"
137 photocopy of 1890 Morris and Essex RR timetable and operating rules
138 Miscellaneous CNJ historical material
139 Maps, Land Grant and Bond-Aided Railroad of the United States, Quartermaster Department, War Department 9310000
140 Correspondence with James Stowell re: 1912 DLW wreck near Corning, NY
141 Correspondence with Thomas Tabor III Re: Tabor's 2 vol. "History of the DL&W in the 20th century"
142 Correspondence re: railroad history
Box# Folder# Description Date End Date
a-3 143 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1939 9390000
144 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1940 9400000
145 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1941 9410000
146 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1942 9420000
147 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1943 9430000
148 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1944 9440000
149 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1945 9450000
150 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1946 9460000
151 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1947 9470000
152 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1948 9480000
153 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1949 9490000
154 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1950 9500000
155 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1951 9510000
156 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1952 9520000
157 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1953 9530000
158 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1954 9540000
159 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1955 9550000
160 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1956 9560000
161 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1957 9570000
162 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1958 9580000
163 Annual Report, DLW, to stockholders, 1959 9590000
164 Annual Report, DLW, to the ICC, partial year to 10/16/1960 9601016
165 Annual Report, Erie, to stockholders, 1958 9580000
166 Annual Report, EL, to the ICC, partial year 10/17/1960 to 12/31/1960 9601017 9601231
a-4 167 Annual Report, EL, to stockholders, 1961 9610000
168 Annual Report, EL, to stockholders, 1962 9620000
169 Annual Report, EL, to stockholders, 1963 9630000
170 Annual Report, EL, to stockholders, 1964 9640000
171 Annual Report, EL, to stockholders, interim report dated up to 11/6/1964 9641106
172 Annual Report, EL, to stockholders, 1965 9650000
173 Annual Report, EL, to stockholders, 1966 9660000
174 Annual Report, CNJ, to stockholders, 1961 9610000
175 Annual Report, CNJ, to stockholders, 1963 9630000
176 Annual Report, CNJ, to stockholders, 1964 9640000
177 Annual Report, CNJ, to stockholders, 1965 9650000
178 Annual Report, CNJ, to stockholders, 1966 9660000
179 Annual Report, CNJ, to the ICC, 1967 9670000
180 Rules of operating department, dated 4/27/1952 with later revisions 9520427

ELHS Perry M Showmaker Collection

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