ELHS Collection Abbreviations


AAR – American Association of Railroads

AB – Additions and Betterments notes

ABB – Akron-Barberton Belt Railroad Company

ABA – Air Brake Association

ACY – Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad Company also AC&Y

AFE – Authorization (or Authority) for Expenditure

AGW/A&GW – Atlantic and Great Western Railroad Company

ALCO – American Locomotive Company, later simply Alco

AR – Annual Report

ARA – American Railway Association (predecessor to AAR)

ARL – accounting revisions ledger(s)

AVP – Assistant Vice President


BB – Buildings and Bridges

BCK – Buffalo Creek Railroad Company

BFN – building field notes*

BH – Bath and Hammondsport Railroad Company also B&H

BLE – Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad

BLW – Baldwin Locomotive Works

BM – Boston and Maine Railroad Company also B&M

BMWE – Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees

BN – Burlington Northern Railroad Company

BO – Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company also B&O

BOD/B. of D. – Board of Directors

BRC – Belt Railway Company of Chicago

BrFN – bridge field notes*

BRT – Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen

BRTC – Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Sub-collection

BV – bound ledger book

BVL – bound valuation ledger book


CBQ – Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company also CB&Q

CE – Chicago and Erie Railroad Company also C&E

CNJ – Central Railroad Company of New Jersey

CO – Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company also C&O

COFC – Container on Flatcar

CPD – Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper

CR – Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail)

CRP – Central Railroad of Pennsylvania (CNJ subsidiary)

CRR of NJ – Central Railroad Company of New Jersey

CTC – Centralized Track Control

CWI – Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad Company also C&WI


DDN – dispatcher’s daily notes

DH – Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company also D&H

DLW – Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company also DL&W


EB – east bound

EC – excellent condition

EL – Erie Lackawanna Railroad/Railway Company

ELHS – Erie Lackawanna Historical Society

EMC – Electro-Motive Corporation

EMD – Electro-Motive Division of General Motors

ER – Erie Railroad

ETT – Employee timetable


FC – fair condition

FF – file folder, standard

FFe – file folder, legal

FFT – Freight Timetable/Schedule

FM – Fairbanks, Morse and Company

FN – field notes

FRA – Federal Railway Administration

FS – flat storage/flat stored


GC – good condition

GE – General Electric Corporation

G.O. – general order

GW – Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company also G&W


HBTM – Huntington and Broad Top Mountain Railroad Company also H&BTM

HF – Hoboken Ferry Company

HS – Hoboken Shore Railroad Company also Hoboken Manufacturer’s

HT – Harlem Transfer Company


I/C – interchange

ICC – Interstate Commerce Commission

ICS – International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, PA

IR – Ingersoll-Rand Corporation


LB – loose bound

LHR – Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Company also L&HR

LNE – Lehigh and New England Railroad Company also L&NE

LS – Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad Company also L&S

LV – Lehigh Valley Railroad Company


McF – microfilm roll

MFC – Maurice Frederick Coffman

MFCC – M. F. Coffman Collection

MHMR – Mount Hope Mineral Railroad Company (CNJ subsidiary)

MOW – Maintenance-of-Way

MP – mile post

MYC – multi-year coverage


NB – Northhampton and Bath Railway Company also N&B

NBX – not boxed

NEOUCOM – Northeastern Ohio University Colleges of Medicine, Rootstown, OH
Site of UAA remote storage facility

NIAJ – Niagara Junction Railway Company

NJDOT – New Jersey Department of Transportation

NJNY – New Jersey and New York Railroad Company also NY&NJ

NJPUC – New Jersey Public Utilities Commission

NKP – Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad)

No. – number

NRLC – National Railway Labor Conference

NRNJ – Northern Railroad Company of New Jersey

NW – Norfolk and Western Railway Company also N&W

NYABC – New York Air Brake Company

NYGL – New York and Greenwood Lake Railway Company also NY&GL

NYC – New York Central Railroad Company and System

NYE – New York and Erie Railroad Company (Erie predecessor) also NY&E

NYLB – New York and Long Branch Railroad Company (joint PRR – CNJ subsidiary)

NYLEW – New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company (Erie predecessor)

NYI – no year indicated

NYNHH – New York, New Haven and Hartford Railway Company also NYNH&H

NYOW – New York, Ontario and Western Railway Company also NYO&W

NYPANO – New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad Company, also just as
NYPANO Railroad Company

NYPSC – New York State Public Services Commission

NYSW – New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad Company also NYS&W


ORC – Order of Railroad Conductors


pc – poor condition

PC – Penn Central Railroad Company

PLE – Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Company also P&LE

PMS – Perry Monroe Shoemaker

PMSC – Perry Monroe Shoemaker Collection

PRR – Pennsylvania Railroad Company

PTT – Public timetable


RDG – Reading Railroad Company

REA – Railway Express Agency Corporation

RE&TA – Real Estate and Tax Agent

RE&TD – Real Estate and Tax Department

RI – Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company also CRI&P

RFN – roadway field notes*

RLHS – Railway Locomotive and Historical Society

rm – railroad mark

RR – Railroad

RRRR – Raritan River Railroad Company

ROW – right-of-way

Rwy – railway


SFB – signal(s) field book


TDS – train dispatcher sheets

TFN – track field notes*

TOFC – trailer on flatcar

TP – temporary placement

TT – timetable, public

T/T – telephone and telegraph

TWS – tax work sheets


UAA – University of Akron Archives in Akron, Ohio

USRA – United States Railroad Administration (1917 – 1920) and United States Railway
Association (1970s and 1980s)

UTU – United Transportation Union (successor to BRT)


VE – Valuation engineer/Office of the Valuation Engineer

VFN – valuation field notes.

Vol. – volume

VS – valuation section


WAB – Wabash Railway Company

WABCO – Westinghouse Air Brake Company

WB – west bound

WBE – Wilkes-Barre and Eastern Railroad Company (NYSW subsidiary) also WB&E

WLE – Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company (later NKP, later NW) also W&LE

WN – Wharton and Northern Railroad Company (CNJ subsidiary) also W&N

WM – Western Maryland Railway Company

Note: All items marked with an * are forms of VFN

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