ELRRHS Archive Fees

We kindly encourage any donation to The ELRRHS Archive Committee, as we are dependent upon the donations made by individuals or groups making requests. (Note: ELRRHS is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization. Your donations may be tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor for details.)

Due to the complexities and variables of each request, any additional fees to cover materials and shipping costs are calculated on an individual basis.

As each request to the Archives is unique, the Archive Committee will respond to each request with advice on the best way to proceed, and will provide any further pricing information at that time.

Single Pages
Many single page items may be sent electronically, or as a hard copy sent by mail and will require the price of packaging and postage.

Oversize Items
Oversize items will require the price of all material related to packaging and postage, in addition to a flat fee of $10.00 per order for ELRRHS members, and $15.00 per order for non-members. These oversize items, such as maps, typically require special handling and may need to be taken off property for printing, scanning, mailing etc.

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