November 2023 Archive Updates

Hello everyone!

We are going to try and give all of you monthly archive information updates through emails. About a week and a half ago, we got a U-Haul to do a big cleanout, one day of books from one location, and the other day of removing the boxes that were processed from storage. The loads didn’t get as high as “MOMS ATTIC” as posted on the truck, but the weight was there. Over the weekend, we continued our cleaning out the filing cabinets and boxes from the storage building that has paperwork dating back to 1895, but that’s the next story. We still have a lot to move before winter that is in non-temperature-controlled space. Thanks to the people that have donated to the archive as it makes moves like this happen and pays the bills for the building.

Thursday after the unloading, ready to head for beans.

A small portion of the boxes that were brought in. These are on the first floor. The remaining boxes from the loads were taken into the lower level.
These are file boxes size, packed with books, and are extremely heavy. It takes two of us to take 3 boxes with the 2-wheeled dolly down the outside stairs.

We have been working on the main floor doing sorting and consolidating in our spare time.

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