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Please feel free to contact our volunteers and staff with your questions, comments, or any other business relevant to the ELRRHS.  All initial email communication is done through the ELRRHS website.  A new email using your email program will not be launched when any of the contact links are clicked on.  Instead a new web browser window or tab will be launch containing a web email form for the specified contact.  We had to remove all email address links our articles due to the incessant practice of email address harvesting by spammers.  You may conduct an email conversation with the volunteer once the initial contact has been made and they have responded to your initial email.

Sales Manager:

ELRRHS sales items and back issues of The Diamond
10-10 Ellis Avenue
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

Jay Held
Membership Chairman:

ELRRHS Membership Inquires
22 Ice Plant Rd
Lafayette, NJ 07848-2403

David Start
*The Diamond Editor:

Questions and article submission

Rudy Garbely
Extra Board Editor:

Questions and article submissions

Paul Tupaczewski
Modeling News Editor:

New model information submissions ONLY

Paul Tupaczewski

Question or problems relating to our website

Mike Riley

Question or problems relating to the archives

Joe Schveder

All non-membership inquires should be sent to:
P.O. Box 431
Avoca, NY 14809


Regarding employees who worked for the Erie, Delaware, Lackawanna and Western or the Erie Lackawanna.  Please note that we, unfortunately, we don’t have any employee records.  What we can recommend is searching the Railroad Retirement Board that is located here:

Another good site is here: