Ghost Rails Vol 21 – Erie 2nd Sub XN To SN, New York Central


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This volume is broken up into 2 sections, the NYC and the Erie. These railroads crossed at a fascinating and isolated location called Latimer. It is an iron diamond long forgotten and in the middle of nowhere along the Ohio/Pennsylvania border. Both the NYC High and Low Grades are covered.

The NYC section covers from Ashtabula to Youngstown, including 7 towers that are now long gone. The Low Grade was long noted for its 3 coach passengers/sleeper cars that ran from Buffalo to Pittburgh until 1963. Also covered is the NYC “grand:” station in Youngstown.

The Erie 2nd Sub section covers Erie towers XN and GH to SN – in essence Greenville to Leavittsburg, Ohio. There are 7 towers covered in this section. Very little has been written about the Erie 2nd Sub and its isolated MR tower NYC crossing at Latimer. In addition to the Warren area, the streetcar lines are briefly covered. Of special interest is the Cleveland Alliance & Mahoning Valley Line which paralleled two Erie lines and the Old Main Line B&O near Leavittsburg, Ohio.

By Wayne Cole
196 pages

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