The Chicago & Western Indiana And Belt Railroad History


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This book traces the history of the Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad from before its inception, including its battles to get to the center of the city and build its depot. The story continues through the formation of Amtrak and its sale to the Missouri Pacific in 1981.

The book also has short histories of its five proprietary lines, the Chicago & Eastern Illinois, the Chicago & Grand Trunk, the Wabash, the Erie, the Monon and its lessee, the Santa Fe.

This book also documents the development of the Belt Railway of Chicago. It includes the history of the Chicago Union Transfer Railway, it’s re-building of Clearing Yard and sale to the Belt.

In 1952 the Belt purchased its property from the C&WI and it emerged as an independent company. It went through some hard times after deregulation but today is an energetic, vibrant company.

The author had access to a wide variety of materials from various sources, including original documents, manuscripts and much more. This book is a must have if you are interested in the early history of Chicago railroads, Dearborn Station, the Belt Railway of Chicago and Clearing Yard.

By David Leider
304 pages

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